A great way to stay up to date is in our Facebook Groups! Here, you can ask questions, and we share information about upcoming events, dates, and needs from the school and classes. 

Closed PTAA ND Parent Facebook Group: Link

Public PTAA PTO Facebook Site: Link



Parent-led Facebook sites (by grade level):

Class 2021-2022 Grade Facebook Page Link
 Class of 2035  Kindergarten  
 Class of 2034  1st grade  Link
 Class of 2033  2nd grade  Link
 Class of 2032  3rd grade  Link
 Class of 2031  4th grade  Link
 Class of 2030  5th grade  Link
 Class of 2029  6th grade  Link
 Class of 2028  7th grade  Link
 Class of 2027  8th grade  Link
 Class of 2026  9th grade  Link
 Class of 2025  10th grade  Link
 Class of 2024  11th grade  Link