Chargers Pride PTO

2021-2022 Leadership Positions

Interested in joining the PTO Leadership team?  We are actively filling open positions, and we will open new positions based on interest.  Email us at if you're interested! 


 President  Jane Kucur
 Vice President  Christine Nguyen
 Treasurer  Katherine Hawkins
 Secretary  Kate Good
 Parliamentarian  Angel Perkins
 K-2 Liaison  Arundel Hunter
 Membership  Open
 Events  Caley Nawrocki
 Field Trips  Arundel Hunter
 Fundraising  Cicelyann Zoccola
 Communications  Suzanne Snead
 Design  Alyssa Wernick
 Website  Marlina Davis
 Volunteer  Crystal Farris
 Compliance  Therese Mehta
 Library  June Lent (Not yet in Google)
 TBD  Fannie Davis
 After-School / Sports  Brandy McDonald
 TBD  Pauline Newton  (Not yet in Google)
 Room Parent: Kindergarten

 Jade Poates

 Jjamelaa Valenzuela

 Room Parent: First grade   Urshula Gordon
 Room Parent: Second grade 

 Jeanie Pacheco (817 703 3207)

 Nora Hernandez

 Room Parent: Third grade   Open
 Room Parent: Fourth grade

 Pauline Newton

 Suzanne Snead

 Logan Roberts

 Santita Cooks

 Room Parent: Fifth grade  Ashley Plant
 Room Parent: Sixth grade  Natasha Taylor (214 215 9503)
 Room Parent: Seventh grade

 Angel Perkins

 Liz Mangelsdorf

 Stephania Wing

 Dean Justin-Phillips

 Sarah Wofford

 Room Parent: Eighth grade  Open
 Room Parent: Ninth & Tenth grades

 Priti Ahuja ( 

 Diana Perkins